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How it works
What to do
BabelShark translates on the fly
"String" is some text to translate in your product. It might be a button text, message or a whole <div> with HTML markup.

BabelShark translates strings which have with a magic "__" CSS class.
Translations are editable
BabelShark calls for an automatic translation only once. As soon as string is translated, it is being stored in database.

You (or your team) may review and edit all translations in database. Once edited, new translation propagate to all your visitors.
Multiple languages are available
You can select any set of languages to translate to. BabelShark supports 170+ languages.

The main difficulty is to ensure the quality of your localization. You can leave translations as is, or proofread them with a help of your team or BabelShark proofreaders.
Choose project localization mode
We provided 6 modes for BabelShark to work. From "Translate everything live" to "Gather strings but translate nothing".
Only code snippet is required to start

BabelShark works as JavaScript code. Only 128kb (44kb gzipped) to localize your project!

Copy code snippet from your BabelShark project dashboard, paste to your HTML code. That's it!